White elm (Ulmus americana)

Full tree

Queen Elizabeth Drive, on the traffic island. June 21, 2008.


Queen Elizabeth Drive, on the traffic island. May 22, 2008.



The photos were taken on the walking path, opposite approximately 490 QE Drive, April 26, 2008.

Similar species

The three main elms in the Glebe are slippery, Siberian and American (white) elm. Siberian elm has smaller leaves with almost symmetrical bases. The samaras are devoid of hair. American elm leaves look a lot like slippery elm. The samaras have hairy fringes. I have not seen any big slippery elm, nor any samaras in the Glebe. While other elms can have rough leaves, none has the sandpaper texture of slippery elm. Birch leaves can resemble elm but are less rough and textured and have symmetric bases. List of trees and shrubs with alternate, simple, toothed leaves