Sugar maple (Acer saccharum)


At Brown's inlet, there are more Norway maple, both yellow-green and olive colour. The sugar maple have no milky juice visible when the petiole is broken, and the notch seems more U-shaped thatn Norway maple.


April 15, 2009. Queen Elizabeth Drive. The bark varies a lot with age, as with many trees. Here, the trunk is dark and showing signs of fissuring. The upper branches are still smooth and very light grey. Red maple looks very much the same.


April 15, 2009, Queen Elizabeth Drive. Whereas silver maple are flowering, and the buds of red maple are very large, perhaps with some flowering, sugar maple buds show little activity. The buds differ from red, silver, Manitoba, and Norway maple which are the common maple in the Glebe. These are narrow, pointy, small, and have more rows of scales. From a distance, they look like little arrow heads.

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