Japanese lilac (Syringa reticulata)

Full tree

Left:Monk and Fifth Avenue, May 22, 2008 Right: 18 Melgund Avenue. The contributor says the following about this tree: "It is likely over 40 years old and has a very interesting shape and beautiful flowers that are among the last lilac blooms of the spring (they also tend to bloom a second time in late summer)."


April 26, 2008


June 21, 2008 The bark has a maroon cast, with prominent lenticels.


Queen Elizabeth Drive What will be flowers look like long ragged green sproutings May 28, 2008. By June 14, they are in bloom. They flower later than common lilac and are very common and noticeable in mid-June in the Glebe.


Photo taken March 19, 2009 at north shore of Brown's Inlet. This is the husk from last year's fruit. For comparison, the one on the right is common lilac. Japanese lilac husks are bigger and dotted.


"Japanese lilac" seems to include more than one type. Many seem to have been recently planted in this neighbourhood by the city, and most are protected by a circular area of stones or other material, sometimes with a little fence. They are quite common in the Glebe.

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